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Profile of our company in partership

Floema, professional company in partnership, has been dealing, since 1996, with plannings and researches in several fields of enviromental topics, complying with the context and the landscape peculiar features of the sites where it works. The experts of our company are skilled in architectural and agricultural and forest fields and have been working in several planning activities at every level of knowledge. It is possible to summarize our working and planning fields in the following way:
  • Silviculture and reafforestation
  • Forestry hydraulic settlements
  • Forestry planning
  • Biological certification in agricultural and food fields
  • Applied biological combat
  • Hydraulic and hydrologic researches
  • Leasure time planning and routings for touristic activities for disabled
  • Civil and rural architectural plans and structures for the enjoyment of natural enviroments
  • Security planning applied to builder’s yards
  • Feasibility researches in wood production chain and biomasses energy exploitation
Floema, Professional company in partership, was born in Turin and develops its activities keeping a deep relationship with enviromental problems, with plans caring mainly about the use of alternative methods at low enviromental impact substituting traditional proposals in every fields in which this is nowadays feasible.